Advance Program (Tentative)

MA1: Special Session in honor of Prof. Y.T. Im

Session Chair: Dr. Fuh-Kuo Chen
Date: Oct. 21, 2019 (Monday)
Time: 13:30 – 15:00
Room: 101, 1F

Session ID Paper ID Title
MA1-1 65 Determination of modified Drucker-Prager Cap model parameters by considering hydrostatic effect
Young-Seok Oh, Ho Won Lee, Se-Jong Kim, Hee Rak Kim, In Yong Moon, Kook-Chae Chung, Duck-Young Hwang, Seong-Hoon Kang
MA1-2 86 Examination of Air Layer Sustainability on Developed Superhydrophobic Surface under Various Flow Velocities and Hydrostatic Pressure
Kwang Jae Yoo, In Yong Moon, Se-Jong Kim, Young Hoon Moon and Seong-Hoon Kang
MA1-3 87 Study on Improving Superconducting Properties of NbTi
Hee Rak Kim, Ho Won Lee, Young-Seok Oh, Ji Hoon Kim and Seong-Hoon Kang
MA1-4 120 Control of the Necking Through Thermo-mechanical Processes
Hyun-Chul Lee, Gyeong-Min Lee, Gun-Yung Go, Jong-Ho Song
MA1-5 125 Effect of localized residual stresses on the quasi-static ductile fracture
Dong-Kyu Kim
MA1-6 129 Influence of processing parameters on the mechanical properties of titanium parts fabricated by selective laser melting
Kyung-Hwan Jung and Kang Min Kim

MA2: Special Session in honor of Prof. Y. T. Im

Session Chair: Dr. Fuh-Kuo Chen
Date: Oct. 21, 2019 (Monday)
Time: 15:20 – 16:50
Room: 101, 1F

Session ID Paper ID Title
MA2-1 135 Microstructure and mechanical anisotropy of CoCrW alloy processed byselective laser melting
Ho Won Lee, Kyung-Hwan Jung, Sun-Kwang Hwang, Seong-Hoon Kang and Dong-Kyu Kim
MA2-2 147 A Study on the Multi-Stage Cold Forging Process for Manufacturing an Input Shaft of Motor-Driven Power Steering Systems
A Ra Jo, Myeong Sik Jeong, Sang Kon Lee, Byung Min Kim, Tae Min Hwang and Sun Kwang Hwang
MA2-3 191 Multi-objective optimization of a strip coiling process through multi-objective meta-heuristic
Nantiwat Pholdee, Sujin Bureerat, Dong-Kyu Kim, Yong-Taek Im
MA2-4 204 The Effect of a Non-Circular Drawing Sequence on Deformation Inhomogeneity of High-Carbon Steel Wire
Hyun Moo Baek, Sun Kwang Hwang, Ho Seon Joo, Il-Heon Son, Yong-Taek Im, Yong-Shin Lee
MA2-5 227 Visualization of Manufacturing Process Using Bolt Type Piezo-sensor
Soo-Young Kim
MA2-6 239 Optimization of the strip width to achieve an I-shaped connection in high-strength steel seamed tube manufacturing process
Guan-Cheng Chen and Fuh-Kuo Chen

MB1: Materials-I

Session Chair: Dr. R. Velmurugan
Date: Oct. 21, 2019 (Monday)
Time: 13:30 – 15:00
Room: 201, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
MB1-1 13 Manufacturing of Polymer Nanofiber Nonwoven Fabric and its Investigation of Air Filter Filtration Efficiency and Flow Resistivity
Wei WU, Toshiki HIROGAKI, Eiichi AOYAMA, Kenichi URABE and Hiroyoshi SOTA
MB1-2 63 Investigation of Sound Absorption CharacteristicsBased on Biot Parameter of Polypropylene Nanofiber Nonwoven Fabric
Kenichi URABE,Wei WU, Toshiki HIROGAKI, Eiichi AOYAMA and Hiroyoshi SOTA
MB1-3 10 Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Polytetrafluoroethylene Coating on Al2O3/Cr2O3/Ti2O3 for Cavitation Erosion Mitigation in Water Hydraulics Valves
Masoud Kamoleka, He Xu, Haihang Wang and Vishwanath Pooneeth
MB1-4 39 Effect of nanoclay on mechanical, thermal and morphological properties of Silicone rubber and EPDM/Silicone rubber hybrid composites
Ajay Singh Rana, M. Kiran Vamshi, K. Naresh, R. Velmurugan and R. Sarathi
MB1-5 43 A Critical Review of Nonmetallic Technologies for Downhole Applications
Wael Badeghaish, Mohamed N. Noui-Mehidi, Oscar Salazar, Ali Hijles and Saudi Aramco
MB1-6 7 Rapid Tooling Through Micro Additive Manufacturing with Reinforcement of Sic/Al2O3 in LDPE Domestic Waste
Piyush Bedi, Rupinder Singh, IPS Ahuja and M.S.J. Hashmi

MB2: Materials-II

Session Chair: Dr. G. P. Karmakar
Date: Oct. 21, 2019 (Monday)
Time: 15:20 – 16:50
Room: 201, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
MB2-1 44 Mechanical Joining of Metal and Wood by Flat-Clinching
Stephan Lüder, Thoralf Gerstmann, Carolin Binotsch and Birgit Awiszus
MB2-2 149 Strain hardening behavior with dislocation-twin interactions of TWIP steel by crystal plasticity analysis
Zexing Su, Chaoyang Sun, Lingyun Qian, Ning Li and Yuemin Li
MB2-3 217 Friction stir incremental forming of 5052 Al alloy welded blank produced by friction stir welding with bobbin tool
Takuya Miura, Masaaki Otsu, Masato Okada and Ryotaro Nakashima
MB2-4 73 Microstructural examination and performance of nano-particles reinforced stainless steel
Bojan Podgornik, Ana Kračun, Franc Tehovnik and Uroš Cvelbar
MB2-5 3 Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Polysaccharide Based Graft Copolymers as Flocculants
K. K. Chandan and G. P. Karmakar
MB2-6 92 Effect of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Cu–Ni–P Alloy
Wataru Inagaki, Tetsuya Ando, and Kozo Kawano

MC1: Machining

Session Chair: Dr. Chunliang Kuo
Date: Oct. 21, 2019 (Monday)
Time: 13:30 – 15:00
Room: 202, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
MC1-1 111 Performance assessment of flexible abrasive tool
Mayank Kumar, Ajay Sidpara and Vikranth Racherla
MC1-2 42 Study of Cutting Force and Tool Wear of Inconel 718 Superalloy Face Milling using Orthogonal Tool Path
Chien-Jen Ho and Jinn-Jong Sheu
MC1-3 104 Study on Vertical CNC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine with Five Synchronous axes
Ruei-Hung Hsu and Chih-Hsu Chen
MC1-4 128 A Novel Finishing Process for Screw Rotors with Internal-Meshing Honing
Van-Quyet Tran and Yu-Ren Wu
MC1-5 175 Machinability Assessment of Polypropylene Based Natural Fibre Composites with High-Speed Steel Cutter in End Milling
Raveen John, Richard Lin and Krishnan Jayaraman
MC1-6 164 Extending application of holding pad to fabrication of optical lens
Chi-Sheng Huang and Hsiao-Yu Chou

MC2: Surface

Session Chair: Dr. Fuh-Yu Chang
Date: Oct. 21, 2019 (Monday)
Time: 15:20 – 16:50
Room: 202, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
MC2-1 181 New Post-treatment Process for Stainless Steel Cardiovascular Stents after Laser Cutting
Chuan-Fu Hsu, Fuh-Yu Chang and Yu-Xiang Huang
MC2-2 117 Enhancing the formability in High Strength Steel Sheets using Surface Modified Dies
Sivarajan S, Padmanabhan R, Diogo Neto, Marta Oliveira and Luis F. Menezes
MC2-3 152 Development of a Roll-forming Device for Flattening of Inhomogeneous Magnetic Medium
Brian Chen and Jen-Yuan (James) Chang
MC2-4 198 Laser surface alloying of copper with CrWC
Justyna Domagała-Dubie, Damian Janick, Aleksander Kowalski and Katarzyna Bilewska
MC2-5 194 CZT Thin Films using RF Sputtering and PVD
Monisha Chakraborty and M.S.J.Hashmi

TA1: Robotics and Automation

Session Chair: Dr. Yong-Lin Kuo
Date: Oct. 22, 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 13:30 – 15:00
Room: 101, 1F

Session ID Paper ID Title
TA1-1 27 Method for determining arrangement and operation of two articulated robots by using the torque margin and manipulability method
Tetsuya MURANO, Carmen HERVAS, Kazuki OMOTO, Toshiki HIROGAKI and Eiichi AOYAMA
TA1-2 71 Investigation of Cooperative Motion Error and Control of Working Plate with a Dual Arm Scalar Robot
Tatsushi HAYASIMA, Masao NAKAGAWA, Nobutoshi OZAKI, Toshiki HIROGAKI and Eiichi AOYAMA
TA1-3 59 Real-Time Interventions with Industrial Robots
Wang Jian-Sheng and Chen Liang-Kuang
TA1-4 88 Temperature Control of a Plastic Injection Molding Machine Using Closed-loop Control Based on System Identification
Yong-Lin Kuo and Chin-Wen Lin
TA1-5 97 Automatically Assemble a Tiny Spring to a Switch Component with an Industry Robot
Zi-Yi Yang and Pi-Cheng-Tung
TA1-6 122 Model Predictive Control for Stabilization of Vehicle Nonlinear Dynamics to Avoid the Second Collision Accident
Taiki Baba, Tomoaki Hashimoto and Liang-Kuang Chen

TA2: Smart Manufacturing and IT

Session Chair: Dr. Jen-Yuan Chang
Date: Oct. 22, 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 15:20 – 16:50
Room: 101, 1F

Session ID Paper ID Title
TA2-1 143 IoT Implementation in Reading Analog Gauge and 7-Segment
Yi-Chih Fan and Jen-Yuan Chang
TA2-2 160 An EtherCAT Based Machine Control System For Industry 4.0
Shang-Liang Chen, K.M. Lee, Yi-Hsuan Chiang and Chih-Hsiang Fan
TA2-3 213 Knowledge extraction of RfQ engineering documents for smart manufacturing
Amy J.C. Trappey, Charles V. Trappey and Usharani Hareesh Govindarajan
TA2-4 98 A robot arm system in OBD2 manufacturing process – a case study
Ying-Chuan Chen
TA2-5 26 Novel monitor of laser via hole processing of printed circuit board based on two-color method with a high speed video camera
Ryuta YAMAGUCHI, Wataru NAKAGAWA, Ken’ichi URABE, Toshiki HIROGAKI and Eiichi AOYAMA
TA2-6 184 Extensible Embedded IoT-based Web SCADA
Yi-Chih Fan and Jen-Yuan (James) Chang

TB1: Materials-III

Session Chair: Dr. Pai-Chen Lin
Date: Oct. 22, 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 13:30 – 15:00
Room: 201, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
TB1-1 11 Determination of Interfacial Heat Transfer Coefficients for Squeeze Casting of Magnesium Alloy AZ91 with Various Section Thicknesses
Luyang Ren, Yintian Fu, Zixi Sun and Henry Hu
TB1-2 200 Study on Magnetic Properties Characterization of Aceh Iron Sand as Raw Biomedical Application Materials
Sayuti. M, Reza Putra, Muhammad Yusuf and Riza Wirawan
TB1-3 18 Effect of Y and Ce Addition on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of LA81 Alloys
Feng Zhong and Ruizhi Wu
TB1-4 195 Fatigue Analysis for Two-Step Friction Stir Clinching Joints in Lap-Shear Specimens between Aluminum and Steel Sheets
W.-C. Lin, M.-H. Lai and P.-C. Lin
TB1-5 234 Wear Scar Evolution in Four-ball Test of Containing Different Additives PAG Oil in R134a Refrigerant Environment
Yuan-Ching Lin, Yi-Cheng Guo, Chia-Hsun Cheng, Sheng-Hung Hsieh, Yang-Guang Liu and Yau-Bin Yang
TB1-6 211 High-Temperature Ratcheting Fatigue Behavior of Zircaloy-2
N.C. Santhi Srinivas, R. S. Rajpurohit and Vakil Singh

TB2: Forming

Session Chair: Dr. Quang-Cherng Hsu
Date: Oct. 22, 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 15:20 – 16:50
Room: 201, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
TB2-1 2 Innovative methods for increasing the joint strength of flat-clinching
Thoralf Gerstmann and Birgit Awiszus
TB2-2 8 Relaxation characteristics of diaper sheet subjected to wedge indentation
Shigeru Nagasawa, Kazuki Umemoto and Yuta Takano
TB2-3 20 Experimental and numerical Cutting Characteristics of Nylon Film Subjected to Wedge Indentation
Hanh C. Nguyen and Shigeru Nagasawa
TB2-4 66 Numerical Simulation and Innovative Die Design for Large-Scale Aluminum Alloy Profile Using the Spreader Technique
Tat-Tai Truong and Quang-Cherng Hsu
TB2-5 29 An investigation into Joining Strength of Laminated Steel Sheets connected with Embossed Portions
Kenji Hirota, Go Ogawa, Yuji Mori and Masayoshi Kubo
TB2-6 214 Fabrication of bulk fine-grained material by combined processing of equal-channel angular extrusion(ECAE) and rolling
Akira Yanagida, Akinori Kokubo Takahiro Fujimoto and Kenji Sekido

TC1: Machining and CAE

Session Chair: Dr. Kuang-Jau Fann
Date: Oct. 22, 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 13:30 – 15:00
Room: 202, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
TC1-1 150 Conceptual Designs of Mechanisms for Engines with Variable Compression Ratios
Yi-Ping Chen, Yu-Hsun Chen and Hong-Sen Yan
TC1-2 16 Unconventional Shaped Micro Pin-fins for Electronic Cooling: A New Fabrication Approach
Hreetabh Kishore, Chandrakant K Nirala and Anupam Agrawal
TC1-3 176 Study on fabrication and structural design of vacuum insulation bottle
Hiroaki Shuto1,Tatsuya Tanaka, Masahiro Sasada, Daisuke Horii
TC1-4 208 An Investigation on Cutting Forces and Surface Roughness of Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Turning
Jhy‐Cherng Tsai, Po‐Hsiu Ko and Yu‐Hsun Lai
TC1-5 158 Shearing of Roll Formed U-Shaped Profiles
Kuang-Jau Fann and Wen-Kuei Lu
TC1-6 105 Dynamic Measurement of CMP Pads Topography by Swing-arm Chromatic Confocal System
Jen-Chieh Li , Chao-Chang Arthur Chen and Chun-Chen Chen

TC2: Additive Manufacturing

Session Chair: Dr. Wei-Chen Lee
Date: Oct. 22, 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 15:20 – 16:50
Room: 202, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
TC2-1 144 Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Operational Parameters of Monoliths Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting
Marcin Karpiński, Aleksandra Kolano-Burian, Paweł Fuć and Adrian Radoń
TC2-2 102 Application of 3D Printing Tooling to Fabricate Transparent Facemask for Burn Patients
Yih-Lin Cheng, Kuan-Chi Huang and Yi-Wen Chen
TC2-3 218 Multi-scale Simulation for Fast Prediction the Distortion of AM-processed Part
Yu-Lung Lo, Hong-Chuong Tran, Hung-Yu Lin and You-Cheng Chang
TC2-4 138 Effects on the Tensile Strengths of Various Structures Made by Fused Deposition Modelling
Wei-Chen Lee, Yao-Tung Ko and Guo-Hua Huang
TC2-5 77 A Machine Learning Approach to Establish a Novel 3D Printing Method with PLA
Dan Luo and Weiguo Xu


Session Chair: Dr. Chinghua Hung
Date: Oct. 23, 2019 (Wednesday)
Time: 09:05 – 10:20
Room: 101, 1F

Session ID Paper ID Title
WA1-1 121 Design, Optimization, and Comparison of Mechanical Performance of Cellular Structures for Biomedical Applications
Kalayu Mekonen Abate, Jeng-Ywan Jeng, Aamer Nazir and Yun-Peng Yeh
WA1-2 51 Finite element analysis of the external inversion of aluminum tubes
Chun Yuan Chen and Chinghua Hung
WA1-3 30 Corrosion Behavior of Bioabsorbable ZM21 Magnesium Alloy With Stents Shape in Flow Field
Tengo Orii, Shoichiro Yoshihara, Ryuichi Yamada, Toshiyuki Tsuda and Yasumi Ito
WA1-4 91 Bending solution of the clamped thick plate by using the Barycentric Lagrange Interpolation
Tsung-Chia Chen and Yen-Liang Yeh
WA1-5 70 Numerical analysis and experimental validation of Radial Rotation Profile-Forming
Robert Laue, Sebastian Härtel and Birgit Awiszus

WA2: AI and Data Science

Session Chair: Dr. Meng-Kun Liu
Date: Oct. 23, 2019 (Wednesday)
Time: 10:40 – 12:10
Room: 101, 1F

Session ID Paper ID Title
WA2-1 168 Surface Texture Grading as Visual Feedback for Robot Cyber Physic Systems
Ya-Hui Tsai, Shing-Yun Jung,Yu-Hsuan Chuang, Jen-Yuan Chang and Chuen-Tsai Sun
WA2-2 190 Real-time Route Tracking for Intelligent Autonomous Car Chassis
Ting-Wei Chien, Shyr-Long Jeng and Wei-Hua Chieng
WA2-3 34 Investigation of data-mining method for micro-drill processing conditions based on micro-drill tool catalog database
Hirokazu Higuchi, Claire Amelie Janot, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama and Hiroyuki Kodama
WA2-4 12 Condition monitoring method for Injection molding process by waveform analysis
Yoshio Fukushima, Zongyang Zhao, Akiko Sakamoto and Naoki Kawada
WA2-5 74 Smart Monitoring of Thread Mill Process with a Wireless Tool Holder and CNC Information
Shota MATSUI, Nobutoshi OZAKI, Toshiki HIROGAKI, Eiichi AOYAMA, Takamasa YAMAMOTO and Masatoshi SHINDO
WA2-6 132 Fault Signature Analysis of Industrial Machines
Wei-Ting Hsu, Chen-Yang Lan, Meng-Kun Liu and Shu-Tzu Chang

WA3: Precision Engineering and Metrology

Session Chair: Dr. Chen-Yang Lan
Date: Oct. 23, 2019 (Wednesday)
Time: 13:30 – 15:00
Room: 101, 1F

Session ID Paper ID Title
WA3-1 109 Preparation and characterization of bioactive glass with various particle sizes targeting different applications
Yu-Jen Chou and Shao-Ju Shih
WA3-2 78 Monocular-vision and Dynamic Modelline based registration system for Three-Dimensional
You‐Cheng Lin and Chao‐Ching Ho
WA3-3 137 Sensorless Fault Diagnosis of Three-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous AC Servo Motor
Meng-Kun Liu, Cheng-Hsuan Hsiao and Chen-Yang Lan
WA3-4 131 Design a self-compensating restrictor for hydrostatic bearing
Cho-Yu Yang and Cheng-Kuo Sung
WA3-5 134 Integration and Testing of Positioning Control System for a High Resolution Hydrostatic Platform
Chiao-Wen Fang, Hung-Lin Chang and Shih-Chieh Lin
WA3-6 72 Investigation on Influence of Pulsating Ram Motion Curves and Lubricants of Backward Cup Forming on Surface Roughness Distribution of Forgings
Wan-Ling Chen, Rong-Shean Lee and Chung-Kai Lin

WA4: Advanced Manufacturing

Session Chair: Dr. Chao-Ching Ho
Date: Oct. 23, 2019 (Wednesday)
Time: 15:20 – 16:50
Room: 101, 1F

Session ID Paper ID Title
WA4-1 177 Investigation of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Foam for Selective Laser Sintering Application
Cherng-Yuh Su, Kai-Han Su and Cheng-Ta Cho
Song-Jeng Huang, Chin-Tsan Wang and Kavya Dwivedi
WA4-3 118 Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Betel Palm Sheath and Its Punch/die Shear Cutting Characteristics
Duriyathep Panwised, Chayalop Choonamchai, Pusit Mitsomwang and Rattana Borrisutthekul
WA4-4 67 Electrochemical Discharge Machining for Sapphire Based on Machine Vision
Chao‐Ching Ho, You‐An Lin and Chia‐Lung Kuo
WA4-5 187 Performance Analysis of a Three-pole AMB System with Integral Sliding Mode Controller
Shyh-Leh Chen1 and Chao-Kai Mao
WA4-6 241 Fracture Analysis of Piezoelectric Plate Under Thermal Loadings by QEFGM
Hsin-Yi Lai, Chi-Hua Hsu, Zi-Jie Lin and Cha’o-Kuang Chen

WB1: Materials and Forming

Session Chair: Dr. Emin Bayraktar
Date: Oct. 23, 2019 (Wednesday)
Time: 09:05 – 10:20
Room: 201, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
WB1-1 174 Drawability of Corrugated Titanium Cup by using Roller Die
Yasunori Harada and Yuki Nishikubo
WB1-2 115 Study on the Forming Properties of High Strength Steel Sheets for Hole Flanging
Te-Fu Hwang, Hsin-Yi Hsieh, Ming-Hua Chuang and Lin Wei-Chen
WB1-3 38 Plasto-hydrodynamic drawing and coating of stainless-steel wire using a combined die without any metal to metal contact
S. Hasan, O. Basmage, J. T. Stokes and M. S. J. Hashmi
WB1-4 68 Study of Hot Rotating Compression Forming of Aluminum Powder
Yeong-Maw Hwang, Hao-Cheng Yu and Hao-Ping Yu
WB1-5 25 Development of Adhesion Preventing Method during Deep Drawing of TP340 Titanium Sheets
Yusuke Okude, Taku Iwaoka and Isao Nakamura

WB2: Materials-IV

Session Chair: Dr. R. Padmanabhan
Date: Oct. 23, 2019 (Wednesday)
Time: 10:40 – 12:10
Room: 201, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
WB2-1 178 Effect of ECAP processes with the addition of Ni on the hydrogen storage properties of AZ31 Alloy
Song-Jeng Huang and Veeramanikandan Rajagopa
WB2-2 192 Fabrication and testing of closed cell aluminium foams with low cost blowing agent
V. Thulasikanth and R. Padmanabhan
WB2-3 202 High Temperature Deformation Behaviour and Dislocation Substructure of Impacted Inconel 625 Alloy
Woei-Shyan Lee and Chien-Wei Huang
WB2-4 93 Enhancing microstructural and mechanical properties of SiCp/AZ61 magnesium metal matrix composites by using ECAP severe plastic deformation process
Song-Jeng Huang and Addisu Negash Ali
WB2-5 153 Effect of Fine Powder Dispersion Using Friction Stir Processing on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in AZ91D Magnesium Alloy
Naohiro Saruwatari, Taku Iwaoka, Isao Nakamura and Masayuki Aonuma
WB2-6 154 The effect of using V&D screw on the mechanical properties of carbon/aramid long fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin
Kazuya Morioka, Ken Fujisaki, Tatsuya Tanaka, Masahiro Sasada and So Shimokusuzono

WB3: Modeling and Simulations

Session Chair: Dr. Wei-Hsin Tien
Date: Oct. 23, 2019 (Wednesday)
Time: 13:30 – 15:00
Room: 201, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
WB3-1 103 Simulation of effects of blood coagulation factors and anticoagulants in micro-channel of PMMA
Song-Jeng Huang, Yi-Hsiung Chiu and Philip Nathaniel
WB3-2 101 Mathematical Model of Straight Bevel GearsUsing the strright beved confilex Gemerator
Y. P. Shih, Y. C. Hung and S. H. Chen
WB3-3 165 CFD numerical simulation study of a space with the underfloor air distribution system
Yi-Jiun Peter Lin and Yu-Wen Wang
WB3-4 159 The performance analysis of side FFU in automatic clean room material handling system
Yen-Wen Huang, Chia-Hsuan Lin and Tzung-Hsien Tsai
WB3-5 199 A Numerical Study of Droplet Jetting and Formation in a Material Jetting 3D Printer Head
Chung-Hua Kuo, Chun-Hao Lin and Wei-Hsin Tien
WB3-6 155 Simulation of Nanoindentation on Thin Single Layers of TiAlN and AlCrN for Piercing and Blanking Tools
Muhamad Isyraf Aznam, Wan Fathul Hakim W Zamri and Muhammad Faiz Md Din

WB4: Micro and Nano

Session Chair: Dr. Cho-Pei Jiang
Date: Oct. 23, 2019 (Wednesday)
Time: 15:20 – 16:50
Room: 201, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
WB4-1 32 Study on the performance of nano-Tin oxide composite to SS316L electrode in Electro-Fenton system
Yi-Ta Wang, Yu-Han Li and Yue-Sheng Lin
WB4-2 36 Investigation on Forming Limit of Pure Cooper Using Servo Press Forming System with Micro-level Feeding Depth
Cho-Pei Jiang and Tsung-Han Huang
WB4-3 127 Manufacturing 3D, Hybrid, and Multifunctional PLA/PMMA Microfluidic Chip
Lynh Huyen Duong and Pin-Chuan Chen
WB4-4 89 Analysis on Mechanical Properties of Copper Thin Film in Ambient, DI water and Slurry environment by Nanoindentation
Mohit Sharma and Chao-Chang A. Chen
WB4-6 24 Potentials for Application of Nanomaterials
Shahida Begum, M N M Ansari and M S J Hashmi
WB4-7 31 Developments of Nanomaterials
Shahida Begum1, M N M Ansari and M S J Hashmi

WC1: Surface and Quality

Session Chair: Dr. Ming-Jong Tsai
Date: Oct. 23, 2019 (Wednesday)
Time: 09:05 – 10:20
Room: 202, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
WC1-1 228 Parametric optimizations on material removal and surface quality in wire electrical discharge machining of polycrystalline diamonds
Chunliang Kuo, Tsung-Hsieh Yeh and Pin-Xian Ye
WC1-2 221 Influence of Different Anneling Cycles on Mechnical Properties for Structual Steel
A. Al-Shahrani
WC1-3 112 Laser Plasma and Focusing Length Effect on Divergence Angle for Laser Drill of Acrylic Plate
Lungfa Wu and Ming-Jong Tsai
WC1-4 50 Improvement of the Quality Characteristics on Sintering Wicks for a Low Cost Loop Heat Pipe by using Taguchi Method
Nai‐Wen Yu and Chyn‐Shu Deng
WC1-5 79 Investigation of Laser Hardening and Finishing Elastic Hinge Groove of Thin Plate for Origami-engineering
Yuki Manabe, Hiromichi Nishida, Toshiki Hirogaki and Eiichi Aoyama

WC2: Welding and Forming

Session Chair: Dr. Sebastian Härtel
Date: Oct. 23, 2019 (Wednesday)
Time: 10:40 – 12:10
Room: 202, 2F

Session ID Paper ID Title
WC2-1 99 WeldForming - a Novel Method for Improving Weld Seam Properties
Sebastian Härtel, Tom-Eric Adams, Birgit Awiszus and Peter Mayr
WC2-2 49 How to Combine Plastics and Light Metals for Forming Processes and The Influence of Moisture Content on Forming Behavior
Sebastian Härtel, Luise Kärger, Eric Brückner, Birgit Awiszus, Marcel Graf and Michael Gehde
WC2-3 136 Predicting Hardness and Failure Mode of Resistance Spot Welding Using Carbon Equivalent of Advanced High Strength Steels
Heewon Cho, Sangwoo Nam, Munjin Kang, Je-Hoon Oh and Young-Min Kim
WC2-4 133 Wetting State of 3D Printed Ti-6al-4v Alloy Surface
Omer Keles, Derya Kilic, Abdul Qadeer and Bekir Sami Yilbas
WC2-5 171 Tandem MAG Welding Process to Improve Productivity and Quality of Thick Plate Welding
Kidong Lee, Dong-Yoon Kim, Young-Min Kim, Je-Hoon Oh and Munjin Kangi
WC2-6 6 Friction Stir-Spot Welding of 3D Printed ABS and PA6 Composites: Flexural, Thermal and Morphological Investigations
Ranvijay Kumar, Rupinder Singh, IPS Ahuja and M.S.J. Hashmi

PP1: Poster Presentation Session I

Date: Oct. 22, 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 09:30 – 16:00
Venue: Hallway by Room 101 , 1F

Session ID Paper ID Title
PP1-1 19 The analysis of precise rotary table thermal error using in CNC vertical lathe
Chien-Yao Huang, Jun-Cheng Chen, Yong-Yuan Yang
PP1-2 21 Manufacturing Execution System and Quality Management
Hsiao-Yu Chou, Jung-Ru Yu, Hui-jean Kuo, Chien-Yao Huang, Fong-Zhi Chen
PP1-3 23 Numerical investigation on mini bevel gear squeezing process
Chang-Cheng Chen, Xiu-Yu Hu, Jun-Ying Huang, Cho-Pei Jiang and Dyi-Cheng Chen
PP1-4 48 Minimum variance run-to-run controller for general stochastic time-series-based disturbances
An-Chen Lee, Te-Hsiu Tsai, Chen-Yu Chang, Ruei-Yu Huang and Yu-Xian Chen
PP1-5 52 Study on Trochoidal Milling of Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al Alloy
Chunhui Chung and Tzu-Hao Huang
PP1-6 53 Development of a web Access-Based Environmental cloud Environmental Monitoring architecture
Jung Hsing Wang, Chien-Yao Huang, Hui-Jean Kuo and Fong-Zhi Chen
PP1-7 58 Three-dimensional load monitoring of threading-plate adjustment and failure in thread rolling of fasteners
Heng-Sheng Lin, Chih-Chin Wen and Yi-Hung Chen
PP1-8 215 Development of Heterodyne Sinusoidal Modulation Double-Diffraction Interferometer for Displacement Measurement
Zong-de Lai, Ji-yang Lin and Hung-lin Hsieh
PP1-9 76 Shape Formation after Laser Hardening for High Precision Micro-cutting Edge
Keiji Ogawa, Hirotaka Tanabe, Heisaburo Nakagawa and Mitsuhiro Goto
PP1-10 82 Influence of Electrolytic Conditions on the Thermal Characteristics of AAO Nanostructure Surfaces
Huei Chu Weng and Yi-Hsin Chiu
PP1-11 83 Effect of Isothermal Aging Process on Microstructural Changes of Bi-Ag Lead Free Solder Alloys
Mohamed Ariff Azmah Hanim
PP1-12 84 Effects of process parameter on microtube female thread processing
Tsung-Chia Chen and Jyun-Jie Lian
PP1-13 94 Analysis of servo motion curve in micro-extrusion process of the rectangle cup for Magnesium alloy at elevated temperature
T. S. Yang and T. F. Chang
PP1-14 95 Application of servo motion curve to multi-pass cylindrical deep drawing process by servo press
T. S. Yang, G. W. Chen, and W. Y. Zhuang
PP1-15 126 Effects of Coatings Thickness on the Structural and Mechanical Performances of High Entropy Alloy Nitride Films
C. C. Hu, C. B. Yang, J. C. Lin, C. C. Tsao and C. Y. Hsu
PP1-16 183 Additive Fine-line Circuit Process through Catalyst Induced Copper Electroless Plating
Yi-Wei Lin, Yu-Ming Wang, Wan-Ying Lin, Lei-Yi Chen, Ying-Fang Chang, Hung-Yi Lin, Jen-Yuan Chang, Ta-Hsin Chou and Chien-Hung Lien

PP2: Poster Presentation Session II

Date: Oct. 23, 2019 (Wednesday)
Time: 09:30 – 16:00
Venue: Hallway by Room 101 , 1F

Session ID Paper ID Title
PP2-1 61 Polishing and Measuring the End Face of Stainless Steel Elevation Pin
Zong-Ru Yu, Hsiao-Yu Chou, Ju-Mei Chen, Bih-Show Chang, Wen-Lung Lin, Chia-Hui Cheng, Li-Hsuan Chen, Meng-Jie Lin and Shu-Chun Li
PP2-2 96 Analysis on temperature field simulation for offset cutting a nanochannel at a fixed down force on single-crystal silicon using three-dimensional quasi-steady molecular statics nanocutting model
Zone-Ching Lin, Yu-Jheng Hu and Bo-Tang Zhao
PP2-3 106 Development of a Health Monitoring System in Optical Element Curvature Generation by Using the KPCA-LOF Algorithm
Chung-Ying Wang, Chien-Yao Huang, Keng-Shou Chang, Hui-Jean Kuo, Hsiao-Yu Chou and Fong-Zhi Chen
PP2-4 119 Numerical Simulation and Experimental of Twist Defects in Roll-bending Process for Z/L-shaped Profiles with Large Cross-section
Anheng Wang, Hongqian Xue, Yanli Yang and Emin Bayraktar
PP2-5 145 Statistical Distributions from Lens Manufacturing Execution System
Hui-Jean Kuo, Hsiao-Yu Chou, Chien-Yao Huang, Jung Hsing Wang, Chung-Ying Wang and Fong-Zhi Chen
PP2-6 161 Study on the Fabrication and Tribology Characteristics of Graphene Lubricating Oil
Jen-Ching Huang and Xian-Yu Zeng
PP2-7 162 Study on Fabrication and Testing of Multilayer Graphene/Epoxy Nanocomposites
Jen-Ching Huang and Tsung-Ching Lin
PP2-8 163 Research on Single-axis Nanopositioning Platform Combining Two Step Hydraulic Cylinder and Flexure Hinge Shape Stage
Jen-Ching Huang and Pei-Shiang Liao
PP2-9 169 Influencing orientation and position in polyjet printing materials
Ping-Hung Lin, Hsu-Pin Pan and Fan-Chun Hsieh
PP2-10 180 Microstructures and Electrical properties of BaTiO3 – modified (Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3
Brianti Satrianti Utami, Aditya Sukma Nugraha and Chen-Chia Chou
PP2-11 188 Vibration Isolation CNC Tool Holder Using Tuned Mass Damping
Shao-Hsien Chen and Berlian Bayu Aji
PP2-12 203 The microstructure and wear resistance of the Cu-Al alloy used in the Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing process
Joanna Kulasa, Aleksander Kowalski, Wojciech Burian and Barbara Juszczyk
PP2-13 209 Automated Surface Finish of a Mirror-Like Stainless Mould Steel Using Ultrasonic Ball Polishing Process
Fang-Jung Shiou and Zhao-Li Ding
PP2-14 212 Deep Drawability of Beta-type Ti / SUS Laminated Sheet
Yasunori Harada and Yuki Nishikubo
PP2-15 233 New Mold Design on Zero-waste Process of Nail Spike
Shao-Yi Hsia and Yu-Hsiang Su
PP2-16 237 Application of Taguchi method to analyze 3D printing parameters
Ching-Been Yang, Jia-Lin Zhan, Hsiu-Lu Chiang and Zhe-Kui Zhang
PP2-17 60 Analysis of Friction Coefficient and Punch Speed for Square Aluminum Alloy Deep Drawing
Dyi-Cheng Chen, Cheng-Yu Li, Yu-Yu Lai, Jia-Yue Guo, Hung-Chieh Huang and Chih-Pin Chiang

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